A long adventure: Lycian Way


Lycian Way, about 540 km from Fethiye to Antalya start an ongoing, one of Turkey's longest and pleasant walking trails. The coexistence of “The Future is in Tourism” and the Lycian Way starts on this track. Future is in Tourism, which has been accomplished with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the United Nations Development Program and Anadolu Efes in 2007 with the aim of developing a tourism-based local development model, and continues its works by supporting three sustainable tourism projects every year. He published a very impressive book titled “10 Years, 10 Cities, 10 Stories” in memory of the 10th year of its establishment. This year, “A History Break on the Lycian Way” is among the projects to be supported by Future Tourism. In this project, which will be carried out by the Cultural Routes Association, it is aimed to combine three different walking routes of the Lycian Way in Hoyran and Kapaklı in the Demre district of Antalya, thereby creating a center where travelers can continue their path from their chosen route.

Secret of red white lines

The writer Kate Clow, who walked the Lycian Way for the first time in 1999, then created this route and marked the road with red and white lines and thus brought the Lycian Way to tourism. Then take Snowdrop Profitable name Clow settled case studies to Turkey, is the founder of Cultural Routes continues Association. Clow not only renews these red and white lines for travelers with the support of volunteers every year; it continues to bring new projects to tourism. The newest of these is Demre.

Hoyran Wedre Country Houses

Canan and Süleyman Hacımusaoğlu couple launched Hoyran Wedre in 2006. Hoyran Wedre Village Houses, which are built on peaceful lands compatible with natural and historical texture from architecture to decoration, food to garden, encourage you to follow your dreams.

Hoyran Wedre Country Houses

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