Our Guest House

Hoyran Wedre is located in the quiet village of Hoyran which lies at the foot of the Taurus Mountains at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. It overlooks the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea with views of Kekova island and the Chelidonian cape.

Our guest houses, which are surrounded with aromatic plants of thyme, sage, oregano and trees of carob, bay, olive, fig and almond offer a getaway holiday for those who love to relax in comfort.

The cottages are spaced aesthetically to fit the enviroment which allow guests to rest in the harmony of tranquil surrounds.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Hoyran Wedre is the fact that it is far away from the noise and pollution of industrial cities. The mornings here start with birds singing and a peaceful day is coloured with the grazing of sheep and goats…


Hoyran Wedre’s architecture is based on the areas rustic surrounds. Local stone was used in the construction of the cottages amongst the old oak trees. The interior walls of the cottages are plastered with earth, straw and lime (wattle and daub), just like the traditional old houses of the region. This technique allows the walls to breathe, which enables the rooms stay cool in summer and insulated in winter.

All the rooms are tastefully decorated with antique furniture, hand crafted closets, shelves and chest of drawers with a traditional working fireplace.