Hoyran Wedre Facilities

You will enjoy swimming, walking, “real life size chess” platform, gardening  (Watering, planting oregano and sage, picking organic vegetables etc.)

Our Garden

Hoyran Wedre has a large garden (14.000 square meters) with a variety of trees including apple, almond, fig, peach, pear, walnut, cherry, kiwi, pomegranate, lemon, carob, bay, oak, olive, and pine.

Our cultivated gardens have been planted in an eco friendly way and we provide the garden water  from a traditional water depot called “akkuyu”, where we collect the rain water.

There are over 20  fountains  providing drinking water  to keep our guests refreshed and two small antique style  amphi-theatres and numerous secluded sitting areas to enjoy the view.

Our  Animals

Our hens provide fresh eggs for breakfast and the garden is also shared by tortoises, squirrels, frogs, and many species of butterfly. Migratory swallows and swifts and resident owls along with eagles and hawks are amongst the wide variety of birdlife to be seen.