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Mansion 1 / Konak 1

Mansion 2 / Konak 2

Mansion 3 / Konak 3

Mansion 5 / Konak 5

The Mansion is a 150 years old building with two floors.  On the first floor of the mansion, there are two bed rooms with their own private bath rooms and a big living room and this has also got a very big balcony with a sea and garden view. One of the bedrooms has got a double bed, another one two single beds. The  bed rooms open into the living room, where is the kitchen area with a fridge, cooker etc. There is a washing machine, as well.

Mansion Photos

Mansion 4 / Konak 4

Mansion 6 / Konak 6

Mansion 7 / Konak 7

Mansion 8 / Konak 8